Our crew takes in the 2022 MLB Trade Deadline, recapping the biggest moments, winners/losers, and some of our favorite trades of the day!

We also close with some words and memories of Vin Scully, who sadly passed away last night.

Diego Franco-Carreno, Joe Koetters, Joey Bohley, and Sam Hicks-Jirkans are back after the Fourth of July Holiday to recap another exciting week of baseball!

They discuss ASG rosters/snubs, City Connect uniforms, the World Baseball Classic announcement, and much more!

Jordan Lazowski, Jennie Tsai, and Sean Huff are back on the mics to talk about another busy week of baseball. They discuss Mariners/Angels, Brewers and Phillies injuries, Mark Appel, Astros/Yankees, and much more!

Diego Franco-Carreno, Sam Hicks-Jirkans, and Joseph Silva recap the past two weeks of baseball, covering all the major news and highlights from around the game: City Connect jerseys, Yankees/Twins, MVP races, and more!

Diego Franco-Carreno, Jennie Tsai, and Joe Koetters have another week of baseball to recap for you! They talk about Adley Rutschman, Tim Anderson/Josh Donaldson, Camden Yards, Justin Velander, and much more!

Make sure to tune in!

Diego Franco-Carreno, Sam Hicks-Jirkans, and Sean Huff are back to recap another week of baseball - they even get dressed up for the occasion... kinda

Maddox Hill, Sean Huff, Sam Hicks-Jirkans, and Jordan Lazowski recap another week of baseball!
Topics include:
1) Phillies
2) Red Sox
3) Pitcher Power Rankings
4) The NL West
5) Much More!

Diego Franco-Carreno FINALLY gets his new intro video, and he is joined by Jonah Keehan and Joe Koetters to recap another week in baseball.

Listen to them recap a week of games, more umpire drama, Kelsie Whitmore, and much more!

Jordan Lazowski, Diego Franco-Carreno, Brian Schlosser, Jonah Keehn, and Sam Hicks-Jirkans recap the first few weeks of 2022 baseball!

They talk Early Overreactions, Angel Hernandez, Tim Anderson, Yankees/Guardians, Reds' Ownership, and much more! Make sure to tune in.

We're back for our third season of This Week in Baseball! Join us as Diego Franco-Carreno, Sean Huff, James Darschewski, and Ethan Fisher recap the offseason and look forward to what may come in 2022.

Let us know what you think might come in 2022 and give us your official predictions in the comments!

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